10 Kinds Of Students You Will Find In Unilorin Library.

No doubt, the Library is one of the buildings you would see in every school in Nigeria and beyond; this is because it provides a healthy environment for students to learn at their own pace and gives them access to free educational books.

However, you don’t need to believe that all students that visit the library exhibit similar behavior or visit for the same purpose of reading. Students exhibit different behavior in the library and have other motives for their visitation, even though they are all meant to comply with the same rules.

To narrow this down, I present to you ten kinds of students you will find in Unilorin Library; these might apply to other institutions in Nigeria too. 

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10. The Sleepers

Thank God to Unilorin for providing the Air Conditioner (AC) to its library; this set of students sees the library as a perfect place for their bedroom. Most of them didn’t visit the library with the goal of reading but to receive a CA that would assist them in obtaining better sleep. Some might even plan to read, but they can’t resist sleeping with the Air Conditioner, so they nap for the whole time spent in the library.

You can easily find these kinds of students in the library during the examination period; Unilorin opens its library 24/7 during the exam period. These students might even tell their mates that they are going to the library to do night class, which is night sleeping: Oshey, Scholar sleepyhead

If you find yourself in the library beside anyone of this category, pray to your God for such a person not to be a snorer.

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9. The Picture Freek 

Unilorin students, especially the ladies, can’t resist the temptation to take pictures when they find an excellent background; thank God Unilorin’s library is fine small. These sets of students pay a visit to the library to take pictures more than they read.

They would take pictures and make videos of themselves as they walk to the library, moving from shelf to shelf, unaware of images as they are reading to post on their WhatsApp status and their other social media pages to let people know they are serious with academics. Welldone, scholar Ma and Sir.

8. The Loud Eater

Although eating is forbidden in the library, you are not allowed to take eatable items or water with you to the library. But some stubborn students can’t do without eating; they would sneak something to eat with them.

You won’t have any problem with them eating since you are not the Librarian or the school manager, but the sound of their chewing might distract you from your study.

7. The Prowlers

You might observe these students giggling or whistling, but you won’t be able to tell if it is at you or another person. These kinds of students visit the library with the hope of getting someone to crush on them or to get the love of their life. 

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You know the pride that would come when you tell your future kids that you met your partner in a library. These students desire to have such a story to tell. They would do silly things to draw attention to themselves and flirt with anyone that gives them a chance

6. The Wifi Users

These are another set of scholars you would find in Unilorin’s main Library or the E-library. Since the school’s Wifi is made accessible purposely for the students, these groups of students visit the library and abuse the use of the Wifi. 

You might think they are using the Wifi for academic purposes, whereas it is for something different from their study. 

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5. The Loud Readers 

If you are in the library simultaneously with these sets of scholars, you don’t need to blame them too much, as we all have different ways of assimilation. It would help if you only wished they could reduce their voice not to disturb you as the library isn’t meant for only them.

The loud readers could be frustrating and chase you out of the library because no matter how often you told them to reduce their voice, they would only say sorry and continue with their loud reading.

Complain no dey tire you, leave the library for them or find somewhere far from them to stay.

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4. The Tutors And Students Kind

This set of students would turn the library into a tutor arena; you would find in a group where there would be one person who would tutor five others or more. 

If you are the kind that loves absolute silence for studying, you need to stay away from these people. There is no way the tutor would try to reduce his voice; you would still be distracted.

3. The Disturbances 

We all have these kinds of people in every department in Unilorin; they would visit the library with no intention of reading, and even if they try reading, they won’t comprehend. They visit the library to see who is there; they would float around to who they would distract with their meaningless gist.  

If you see them coming into the library, avoid them and hope their eyes don’t catch with yours, unless they would make your stay in the library useless.

2. Clueless Students (JJC)

Even if you visit Unilorin’s library at the end of the semester, there will always be students that would seem to be lost, running around the library,  asking for directions. They might ask  for a section to get a book, way to rest a room, and other  silly things 

1. The Nerds 

These are the confirmed library users; they visited the library for its official motive; to study. They are the real scholars in the building; they would block out any form of distraction in their surroundings to give complete attention to their studies. 

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They can stay in the library for long hours and maintain their intense attention on their study: rarely or occasionally checking their phone, and they don’t nap or side talk. Take my dab; you are doing well.

Don’t lie; which of these categories do you fall into? Do you have other classes to add? Let’s talk in the comment section.