4 Bad Beauty Habits You Need To Stop Doing

Do you constantly bite your nails? Anyone? If you do, worry not! We aren’t here to judge you. We all have some bad beauty habits we are absolutely guilty of, for we are humans afterall and we are not flawless.

Truly, everyone desires to have healthy, beautiful and lustrous skin, nails and hair. Although, no one would knowingly mess up their skin, there are certain bad beauty habits that can leave our skin, nails and hair completely messed up. Unlearning these habits may be rather difficult and may take lots of efforts but it would help you achieve your beauty goals at the end.

The list below entails a compilation of four common bad beauty habits you’ve been practicing all your life that you need to ditch.

1. Biting your nails

Do you find the habit of biting your nails kind of soothing and weirdly enjoyable? Well it is a bad beauty habit that you need to stop as soon as possible. Gnawing on your nails isn’t only bad for your nails, but for your dentition and your overall health. It would cause you to have ragged and chipped nails.

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2. Popping your pimples

You can’t keep your hands off your face? Admittedly, this habit is so tempting. You’d want to pick and pop that whitehead as soon as you notice it, right? Well, this is an habit that does more harm to your skin than good. Popping your pimples could cause scarring and infections to your face and you would not like to have that, so you should always try your best to keep your hands off your face.

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3. You Never Change Your Pillowcases

Forgetting to wash and change your pillow case is a bad beauty habit you must avoid and if you’re already guilty of doing it, then you need to stop it.
Dirt, excess sweat, makeup and oils accumulate on your pillowcase and this could cause clogged pores and acne breakouts.

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4. Falling asleep with your makeup on

A good number of women are guilty of falling asleep with their makeup on. Doing this once in a while might not pose consequential impacts on your skin, however sleeping with your makeup on every night repeatedly can lead to clogged pores, exposure to free radicals and acne breakouts.

It is better, more preferable and healthier that you wash your face every night before bedtime and let your skin breathe during the night.

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Remember that taking good care of your skin should be one of your top priorities and to do this successfully, you must avoid inculcating bad beauty habits in your daily routine.

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