Top 10 most streamed songs in the world (2023)

There are songs… and there are songs which are so popular they get billions and billions of streams—not even mere millions. Some of the songs on this list might shock you and some of them, well, not so much. Are your faves really that popular, do you over rate them? Or does the world just not know what good music really is? Whatever the case may be, you’ll definitely enjoy this article. Here are the top ten most streamed songs in the world, according to Spotify as at October, 2023.

1.”Blinding Lights” by Abel Tesfaye.



Blinding lights is a song by popular artist— the Weeknd now known as Abel Tesfaye, which was released on the 29th of November 2019. The song currently has over 3.8 billion streams on Spotify.  But really, there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t singing, blinding lights when it first came out. Blinding lights is basically a love song where the persona talks about how he is unable to rest without his lover, describing her absence as being “blinded by the light” or “drowning in the night” The song is said to have been inspired by the singer’s on and off relationship with popular model, Bella Hadid.


2. “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.



This is yet another song that my secondary school classmates couldn’t get out of their mouths for weeks. Shape of you currently has over 3.6 billion streams on Spotify. The song’s meaning is quite literal and obvious but in case you don’t know, the persona in the song adores the body of his lover, telling her he’s in love with her shape and he can’t get enough. Shape of you is actually a pretty random song but when you listen to it, you’ll notice that it was inspired by some R and B songs, particularly Scrubs by TLC.


3. “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi.



Someone you love is a really sweet and touching song by Lewis Capaldi. It was released on the 8th of November 2018. Right now, it has over 3 billion streams on Spotify. The song describes the classic gut wrenching feeling of losing a lover you were just getting attached to. This song literally describes heartbreak, I can’t even listen to it right now *wipes tears* Someone you loved was inspired by the end of a relationship and two-family bereavements.


4. “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee.



Okay, sunflower is one of the songs on the list that I actually don’t really like and have never liked. This seriously overplayed song was released in 2018 on the 19th of October. It was featured in the popular movie, spiderman: into the spider verse. The song currently has over 2.9 billion streams on Spotify. Sunflower is basically about a relationship that’s struggling to survive due to differences between the partners.


5. “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I.



Alright, this song has to be one of the catchiest on the list, really. It was the song that launched the band, Tones and I into the spotlight. The song was released in 2019 on the 10th of May as Tones and I’s second single. Presently is has over 2.9 billion streams on Spotify. Dance Monkey is basically about the disrespect that artists sometimes receive from audience and the title is a metaphor, the artists can be likened to monkeys who are forced to dance and perform on stage.


6. “One Dance” by Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla.



I think y’all remember the TikTok sound “baby, I like your style” Yeah, it’s from this song. One dance was released on the 5th of April, 2016 and features Nigeria’s very own, Wizkid. The song now has over 2.8 billion streams on Spotify. One dance talks about the desire and physical connection between two people who are dancing in a club. It is a dance hall and afrobeat’s song which samples a UK song called “Do you mind” Six different writers wrote the song and it has been trending ever since it’s release.

7. “Stay” by The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber.



Stay is another catchy song by popular musicians, Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber. It was released on the 9th of July in 2021. The song marks the second collaboration of the two artists. Stay expresses the need for a particular lover to stay and express how messed up the persona will be without their lover. The song currently has over 2.7 billion streams on Spotify. It reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

8. “Rockstar” by Post Malone featuring 21 Savage.



Rockstar is a song that falls into the genre of Trap, Alternative R&B, Cloud Rap, Pop Rap. It was released on the 15th of September in 2017. The song currently has over 2.7 billion streams on Spotify. The song is exactly three minutes and thirty-eight seconds long and talks about the super interesting rock and roll lifestyle that Post Malone and 21 savage are living.


9. “Starboy” by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk.

This is a fast-paced R and B song that was released on the 25th of November in 2016. At the moment, the song has over 2.7 billion streams on Spotify. Starboy basically means a “womanizer” who has sex with many women. The song intends to portray a playboy who might even be the weeknd’s alter ego. His loyalty to Bella Hadid during their relationship, says otherwise though.


10. “As It Was” by Harry Styles.



As it was is a song that will always be dear to my heart. It falls under the genre of synth-pop. This pop song currently has about 2.7 billion streams on Spotify. As it was is basically about a decayed relationship which isn’t in the state that it used to be in. The song could also be said to be about a “metamorphosis” which Harry experienced as he was forced to slow down during the pandemic. He wasn’t a musical sensation at the time, he was a brother and a friend. The song was released in 2020, on the 1st of April.


Thanks for reading this article. I hope you didn’t just enjoy it; I hope you were able to find some new music as well. Hats off to you if your favourite artist was here and if not… oh well, better luck next article. Feel free to explore Trybe for more amazing content.