10 signs your boyfriend is immature.

Real, authentic love isn’t blind, but if you don’t take care, then your feelings will definitely blind you. Shine your eyes, ladies. You clicking on this article is actually a clear sign that your boyfriend is immature. But if you still want to confirm that you’re single and you’re wondering what you should avoid, here are 10 solid signs that your boyfriend is immature.


1) He can’t communicate.



Any guy who can’t just say his mind is a walking, talking, living red flag, really. Instead of telling you what’s wrong or just explaining things to you, he gives you the silent treatment or refuses to reply for days. This is usually a sign that he’s immature, honestly. As a male or even a female sef, you should be able to express yourself verbally. Why are you getting into a relationship with someone if you can’t talk to them?


2) He’s always raising his voice at you.



This is one thing I myself cannot stand. Are you yelling at me? A whole me??? Is it because I haven’t changed it for you? It’s also a sign of disrespect and a lack of ability to control his emotions. Bottom line: he’s immature and you should drop him like he’s hot (I hope you get the reference I made, lol) Really, when he’s not your parent or an elderly person, why should he be shouting at you? You are two adults, having an argument, he should be able to control his tone.


3) He’s sexist.


Honestly, this isn’t just a sign that he’s immature. If he’s sexist, my dear, gather your things and run. The fact that he sees women as “lesser beings” or individuals who “belong in the kitchen” is a sign that he’s shallow-minded. And people who can’t think deeply do not belong in relationships. He should treat you properly, not like he’s viewing you through a lens filled with stereotypes.


4) He replies like an illiterate.



For this one, I don’t even have to explain it. Bad chatting etiquette is a turn-off for anyone and shows that you don’t act your age. When we’re not in secondary school, why will I send you “good morning” and you’ll reply with “gm” Or I’ll send three freaking paragraphs explaining something, and you’ll reply to only one. And do you know the worst part, his reply will now be “OK” What rubbish!


5) He has no respect whatsoever.



Respect is reciprocal, but your boyfriend shouldn’t just have respect for you, he should have respect for everyone around him. When he’s not a small child, why will he be talking to people anyhow or treating them like they don’t matter? He should be a polite, respectable person who knows his manners. Because Omo, the way he treats everyone else is eventually the way he’ll start treating you. Life isn’t a Wattpad Mafia novel.


6) He lacks emotional intelligence.



People really downplay the value of emotional intelligence in life, not just relationships. Think about it, you would want a boyfriend who is an active listener, a good supporter, understands you and your triggers, and most importantly, understands himself. A little kid isn’t self-aware and usually gives useless excuses for his emotional outbursts instead of apologizing and learning how to take better care of himself. Know the difference, ladies.

7) He’s always competing with you.



You’re in a relationship not a contest. Your boyfriend should be your biggest supporter not a rival who continuously wants to outsmart and “outperform” you. When you’re not playing bottle flip or X and O, why should you be competing? Who has time for someone who makes them feel like a loser even when they’re winning?


8) For every small thing, he blocks you.



I haven’t actually seen this type yet oh, but there’s nothing that doesn’t exist on the surface of the earth. You have a small fight, or you say something he doesn’t like, and he blocks you. O wrong nau. Particularly when there isn’t a good reason for the blocking. You don’t just press the button anyhow; you have to be sure you don’t want to talk to the person again before you block them. It’s not a toy, for Pete’s sake.


9) His addictions are the answer to his every problem.



By addiction, I don’t just mean someone who can’t control their alcohol and drug use. I also mean someone who turns to his phone instead of talking to you or someone who locks themselves up in their room to play video games instead of addressing their issues. Addictions of any kind are disconcerting and signs that the person isn’t mature enough emotionally for a relationship. If you can’t make a decision without a bottle of vodka then omo, we can’t be together for life oh.


10) He has no plans for his future—talk less of his future with you


Look at you, as old as you are and you’re “going where the wind takes me” Ti’m ba fun e ko lori. You’re the only one that is flying around with the wind oh, when I’m not paper. Even if he doesn’t have all the details, he at least needs to have an idea of where he wants to be. He also needs to be serious about his goals and studies. Are you really gonna have a dude with an “EFCC” result be your ride or die, no nau! And he also needs to be sure about you. Does he talk about you in his future plans? If y’all want something short-term, then he doesn’t have to, but if you’re in it for the long haul… Omo, Oyo lo wa oh. You’re dating a daydreaming child.


I hope this article was the bucket of cold water that y’all needed. Wake up! And don’t let any yeye boy catch you unawares, ejoor. If you’re looking for more eye-opening, funny articles like this one, feel free to explore the Trybe City website.