#TrybeStreetLife : I Am Struggling To Move On From My Ex, Even Though I Am In A New Relationship – 25 years old girl screams out

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I thought finding someone else to take the place of another would solve my problem, I guess that’s a big lie. Some people are actually irreplaceable even if they hurt you so much. Find out in this intriguing story

I believed that being with Victor would help me let go of Charles, but the opposite is happening. I find myself yearning for Charles more and more, wishing to speak with him and hold him. Every day that passes, there is a persistent void that only Charles could fill.

Charles is the epitome of every girl’s dream. He stands tall with a muscular physique, brown skin, and eyes that can captivate anyone. His smile is mesmerizing, sending any girl straight to heaven. I was fortunate enough to be his girlfriend, or rather, to have been his girlfriend.

Charles has all the physical traits that anyone could want in a man. However, his vanity caused him to change into a monster. He began treating me poorly and I caught him cheating on me with other women on several occasions. He was the one who promised to bring me the moon, but he turned out to be a complete disappointment.

I don’t know the exact reason or when it started, but I knew I had to end the relationship before I lost my mind and joined the ranks of the mad people on the streets.

Victor has his own unique physical appeal. He’s of average height, fair-skinned, slim, and has brown eyes that can be quite charming. Despite still recovering from my heartbreak, Victor approached me and won me over with his romantic gestures, humility, and good sense of humour. We became friends first and eventually, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t have strong feelings for him initially, but I believed that I could use him to move on from Charles remembering my mother’s words that “feelings don’t develop overnight, but grow over time.”

I wanted to forget Charles but I also hoped to fall in love with Victor in the same way or even more so than I did with Charles. However, even after three months of dating, I still see Victor only as a friend. My feelings towards him have not evolved at all. I refuse to let him touch me because it only brings back memories of Charles.

I can’t shake Charles from my thoughts. Every time I see him in class or run into him at our favourite spot from our relationship, it only reminds me of him. Even when I’m talking to Victor, I find myself giving more attention to Charles. I’ll even put Victor on hold just to have a video chat with Charles. I don’t want to hurt Victor, but I can’t keep going like this, especially now that Charles has apologized and wants to make amends for his past actions.