You might think you don’t need this article as a student but this one ASUU is on strike, you don’t know when you’ll find yourself in a company that accepts part-time workers. In this might, here are some things you should avoid doing in an interview: 

Turning Up Late

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It’s very popular among Nigerians to tell their relatives to go for an interview to set an alarm the day before. Additionally, they could even be the ones to wake you up before the alarm. It’s very important to always show up at least fifteen to thirty minutes earlier before your interview time. If anyone should be late, it should be your interviewer, not you. Believe it or not, one of the most important qualifications some organizations look out for in workers is punctuality. As the popular saying goes, “Punctuality is the soul of business”. 

Poor Body Language

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Of course, you’re not going to an interview room to make friends. Still, the way you relate with your interviewer or interviewers matters. This doesn’t mean you should treat them as God. You should only try to maintain eye contact with them because it somehow shows you’re confident in yourself. Another quality companies look out for in workers is confidence. You should also be mindful of how you sit during an interview. Sitting with your legs crossed is not a good idea.  A cheerful demeanour and firm handshake can also give you an edge over others during an interview. 

Don’t Stutter Too Much

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The importance of staying calm before, during and after an interview cannot be overemphasized. If you’re not calm before entering an interview room, you’re prone to stutter too much when answering questions. No matter how hard it is, try as much as possible to stay calm during your interview. One of the ways you can remain calm during your interview is by thinking positively. If you cloud your mind with negative thoughts, it can affect your behaviour. Also, it’s important to have enough knowledge about the role you’re applying for so you don’t stutter because you don’t know how to reply the questions you’re being asked. 

Dressing Inappropriately

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The chances of you getting a job is very slim if you show up in your interview room looking haggard. You don’t need millions of dollars to dress well so you don’t have any excuse. No matter how big or small your budget is, you can always get something in the market to make you look smart, simple and unique for your interview. Gone are the days when people going for interviews had to compulsorily wear suits. You can rock both local and international wear to interviews, depending on how you package yourself. 

Playing With Irrelevant Props

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In this jet age where we can hardly survive a minute without checking our phone, you can be tempted to check your phone for a tweet even in an interview room. If you try this, you should probably be prepared to attend another interview. Preferably, give your phone to a trusted individual before your interview, or shut it down and put it in your bag or purse before you enter your interview room. It’s rude for your phone to ring or beep in the middle of an interview so keep it on mute throughout the whole session.

Speaking With Your Interviewer In An Informal Tone

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Even if your interviewer is your biological father or mother, it’s wrong to address them informally. I’ve once attended an interview in which my cousin was the interviewer yet maintained a formal tone. One of the mistakes we make in Nigeria is mixing business and family matters. During an interview, you should maintain a formal tone. Also, avoid telling your interviewer you desperately need the job to pay off a debt. It kind of shows how irresponsible you are when it comes to money matters.

Bad Mouthing Your Former Employer

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Even if you were laid off inappropriately at your former place of work, it doesn’t give you the right to say bad things about the organization during your interview. The interview is strictly to see if you’re qualified to handle the role you applied for in a way and should remain at that. In case you didn’t know, an interviewer is less likely to consider you for a job if you badmouth your former employer. They might think you’d do the same if something similar happens when you start working for them. 

Lastly, you should avoid telling lies in your curriculum vitae(CV). In case you didn’t know, anything written in there could be discussed at your interview. A fabrication about your educational background or work experience can also damage your reputation eventually.

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