Top 10 Items You Will Find in Every Lady’s Bag

Not only is a bag an essential item for a lady, but it also serves as an accessory to complete her look and carry belongings. Although guys often joke about the seemingly endless contents of a lady’s bag, certain items are commonly found in every bag. While some women view these items as defining their personality, others consider them a source of comfort in any situation. Here is a list of the items you can expect to find in every lady’s bag.

1) Perfume

Perfume is not limited to any gender, but women generally prefer to avoid unpleasant odours. It’s uncommon to find a lady without perfume oil in her bag, as they desire to smell pleasant at all times, regardless of their location. Additionally, smelling nice can attract positive things, including good men.

2) Face towel

To avoid being caught unfresh, it’s important for women to keep face towels in their bags in case of an oily or sweaty face. Having a towel on hand can be helpful in case of any mishaps.

3) Hair Brush

Nowadays, many women wear wigs to avoid the stress of styling their hair. They keep hairbrushes with them to maintain their sleek hairstyle.

4) Lip balm/Lip gloss

It’s unappealing for a woman to have dry, chapped lips. That’s why they often carry lip balm to keep their lips moisturized and looking good.

5) Purse

Women always carry their purses with them as it’s an essential items for keeping their money, credit cards, receipts, and ID cards organized and secure.

6) Make-up

Women carry powder to touch up their makeup when necessary to maintain their appearance throughout the day. They care a lot about their appearance, and makeup is an essential tool for achieving their desired look.

7) Sanitary Pad

Sometimes the menstrual cycle can be irregular, so most women carry pads in their bags to avoid embarrassment.

8) Cash:

It’s a big no-no to leave home without money because you wouldn’t want to be stranded. Women make sure to carry cash in their bags, no matter how little.

9) Keys

It’s rare to find a lady’s bag without keys. They could be for a car, house, boyfriend’s car, or even his house. Women are known to be good at keeping things safe, so they are trusted to hold keys to lockers or safes.

10) Mints or Chewing gum

Fresh breath is definitely important, so you’ll usually find mints or gum in a lady’s bag. Some women also keep them on hand to have something to chew on and keep their mouths busy.


11) Condoms & Contraceptive

Although, this may not apply to every woman but I can confidently state that over 60% of women carry this item in their bags. Condoms are often stereotyped with being found in a man’s wallet, but little do people know that it is actually common in every woman’s bag. In Generation Z, where there is a heightened interest in sexual activity and no one wants to become mummy shola or bisi as an early age , contraceptive and condoms are always in a lady’s bag .

In conclusion, the above list discusses the items found in every lady’s bag, regardless of its size. If you believe we have omitted anything, please feel free to add it in the comment section.

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