The Different Types of “Crushes” We Have in Schools

Guys have a funny way of liking girls. They can crush on you in diverse ways depending on their personality, background, the ground they presently find themselves in and the kind of girl you are. If you are a girl who moves more with her male counterpart, you should know what I’m talking about.

They know the approach that is suitable and will tick off the church girl and the baddie. If you ask me, I’ll say they have their plan A, B and even C—meaning, any way na way.

The school is a perfect place to find different people of different cultures, races, orientations, characters and social inclinations. After reading this article, you will not be caught off guard when you notice some unusual behaviours from your gees. This is because we will be “opening your eyes” to the different crushes you can find in schools. Yeah, we are selfless like that. 😉 So, come with me…

8. The ghost crushers


They are neither ghosts nor do they crush on ghosts. They are the ones that act as if you do not exist. It might come to a point where you would think they hate you or have a beef with you. They are so good at hiding their feelings that if you later find out they once liked you, you would be dumbfounded.

7. The ones who hide under “seniority”

Dating meme

This is prevalent amongst staylites that prey on freshers. They will guise under the pretence of a mentor-mentee relationship and wait for the right time to strike. They will even advise you not to have a boyfriend as it will disrupt your academic life. These people are very good with reverse psychology and if you are not smart, they will bend you at will.

6. The ones that jump to conclusions

Jumping to conclusions

I will not even say this set of people jump. I think they “fly” to conclusions instead. Tell them little things about your family and they conclude you are already close friends. Show them a bit of sympathy and you become their shoulder to rest on. Do not even try to discuss specs and relationships because they will marry you and have kids with you in their head. Now, you can see how high they “fly”.

5. The vulgar ones

Crush meme

These come on you strong and hard. Please, do not expect them to be nice and sexy about it because they are uncouth. It is not their fault. They usually want physical and open relationships with no strings attached. Be careful around these. If you fall in love with them, they will play with your heart like dice.

4. The religious ones

Holy spirit crush

Ever had a guy tell you that the Holy Spirit told him you are his wife? Yes, they are the ones—a.k.a the church is my life, a.k.a I live in the mosque. When our brothers in the Lord start inviting you incessantly to weekly services, you should know there is an ulterior motive. Want to know the funny part? When you reject them, they air you. And before you know it, they are onto the next victim.

3. The ones that want to eat without cooking


As long as you bring them food, you will continue to be their crush. They like you but they like your food more. That is to say, the only kind of relationship you can have with them is culinary. After food, na still food.

2. The shy ones

Shy face

Alias one step forward, two steps backwards—a.k.a baby steps. They can be cute and annoying at the same time, especially when you like them in return. Then, you’ll start thinking “Can you just tell me already? Urgh!” Frustrating, right? They also feel frustrated but would rather keep their feelings locked up than ease their discomfort. I am tired of them too.

1. The open books

Talking to your crush

My favourites…. These babes hit the nail on the head. They would say something like “You’re really pretty and I like you” while staring deep into your eyes. If you do not have emotional stamina and a shock absorber, you will drown in love at the instance. They are confident and open about what they want.

What kind of crush are you? Feel free to tell us in the comment section